If you want something else, apart from the Algarve beaches, like beautiful streets and alleys, with unique architecture and traditional culture, we invite you to come and join us.


Zone 7

Zona 7
1h30€15 per person

Visit the historic centre of Lagoa where you can discover the council’seal: the Monestary
of São José. You will also see the church Igreja Matriz and the marketplace.

Zone 8

Zona 8
€30 per person

This tour combines zone 7 and Vila de Estômbar, one of the oldest towns in the Algarve. Here, you`ll visit the historic part of the town and the unique Sítio das Fontes (site of fountains) .

Zone 9

Zona 9
€35 per person

This tour includes bzones 7, 8 and a visit to Ferragudo, a fishermen’s village with typical whitewashed houses and narrow streets.

Zone 10

Zona 10
€40 per person

Visit Portimão and get to know its cultural dynamic. In this tour you will be visiting this historic area and the Municipal Museum. At the end, enjoy a walk through the riverside and be tempted by the smell of grilled sardines.


Zone 11

Zona 11
€18 per person

After a visit to Lagoa (zone 7), we highly recommend to extend your tour to Porches, knowed by its ancient chimneys, clay art and pottery. Here you can see how skilled hands continue to shape the clay, keeping alive this secular art. Visit both villages and the historical Porches Pottery.

Zone 12

Zona 12
€30 per person

You can complement this tour by visiting Silves, the first capital of Algarve. In this historic city you have the chance to visit the Castle, the Cathedral, the archaeological museum and walk through the ancient town.

Zone 13

Zona 13
€50 per person

Enters Nature! On this route you can experience a calm view, and enjoy the pure air of the Serra Algarvia. Caldas de Monchique and Parque da Mina are some of the places you’ll visit. Here you can taste traditional drinks such as medronho and melosa.

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